Replacement Headlight Types

Are you looking to replace your car or truck’s headlights? Maybe you’re trying to find a new set of headlight covers? Whatever it is, Headlight Direct has it all. From standard OEM auto headlights to the latest in styles like Euro lights, we carry them. Whether a simple replacement to a full on change in style for your car, SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) or truck, we can help so contact us today.

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Automotive Headlight Styles

Expressing yourself with a new pair of lights should be easy and affordable. We are car enthusiasts like you so we understand what you need and open to ideas if you let us know. Next to your brake lights, headlights are one of the most important safety features on your vehicle. Replacing your headlight is a priority if any damage has happened to it. Knowing what bulb to use is the first thing you need to know when replacing your head light. Halogen bulbs are the most common car head light replacement bulb. By removing your old one from the housing, you’ll be able to tell exactly which bulb you need, usually indicated at the base.

Although halogen is the most common and easiest for maintenance, there are 3 other types of head lights for those who want something even brighter to light the road.

1) Xenon Headlights

Xenon give off a bluish-white light with improved illumination qualities because of their increased brightness over halogen’s. Color of things at night are improved when using Xenon and the power they consume is interestingly lower than a halogen. Longer lasting and less power consuming make xenon lights very popular with price being the only drawback for some.

2) Adaptive Front Lighting Systems

“Smart” headlights are adaptive front lighting systems which is exactly what one expects them to do, which is to adjust to the situations as it occurs with the assistance of a computer. Vehicle speed and road conditions will effect the intensity of the light emitted and glare is never really a problem as technology will adjust to where lighting is most needed. Only downside is the price, as they are more expensive than xenon while still using halogen bulbs.

3) LED

Light Emitting Diode headlights, better known as LED’s are also adaptive as they adjust to where light is needed most with the help of a computer but what makes them different is they consume much less power like xenon lights. With almost zero heat, these are really popular amongst the after-market crowd who customize almost everything on their car. With a whopping 30,000 hours of lighting life, the investment in LED’s is well worth it.

As mentioned earlier, headlights can make a difference between safety and accidents on the road. Because of how crucial the choice you make in replacing them can be, make sure to contact us today to learn which would be the best light for you!

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